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About Me

What Photography means to me.

Soledad Lazcano

I fell in love with photography as a child, when I was given a black-and-white Kodak Fiesta camera for my birthday. Fascinated, I discovered how capturing reality in an image actually changed the subject. A glimpse at the expression on someone’s face, a landscape, an inanimate object at a specific, unique point in time can shape the way people perceive what is portrayed. The transformational nature of photography has captivated me for life.

I have chosen to see the world through the lens of my camera, looking for love, uniqueness, and the splendor of people and places. I do not chase especial moments— rather they come to me.

Technical perfection is not my obsession, but results have to be honest, intimate, authentic. Photography is my way to recover family stories, portrait lives, show human warmth, reflect our inner selves.

I let my fingers, my eyes, my heart capture an instant, a spot, an individual that suddenly inspires me to transcend time. Curiosity and intuition serve as guides, and I plunge into my photographic journey with sensitivity and illusion, basking in the challenge of portraying.

Restless in body and soul, I pour myself onto my work, as photography embodies both a passion and a job for me. I love the freedom, the candor, and the depth that my camera affords me. These values come together in the mission I have embraced: inspiring and nourishing the human soul—one act, one word, one picture at a time. I want to bring people together, to move them, to cheer them–even if only for a fleeting moment. I am driven by emotions, bonds, transformation, inspiration, and passion. I draw huge pleasure from depicting the beauty of people and places, highlighting their vibrancy, their brightness, and their warmth.

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My background

I graduated as a graphic designer at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA, Argentina) and have over 25 years of experience in Argentina and abroad, participating in several design and photography projects for publishing houses and design firms. I also taught Typography at my alma mater and at Escuela Argentina de Fotografía (Argentine School of Photography). I specialize in portrait and leisure photography.

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