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All my travels


To provide collectors with accurate chronology, each piece is signed and numbered manually before shipping. A matching hand signed certificate of authenticity will be shipped separately from the artwork if required. Having this signature ensures your investment will be accurately cataloged for confidence in value.


I offer 1 Artist Proof for each image in a series and print 10 or 50 copies of each artpiece. All Artist Proofs are printed on our top of the line printing processes printed at 20x30, 30x45 and 40x60 cm. Because of the special nature of this print they are also customizable with extended framing options to meet your interior design needs. The print itself will be signed with Artist Proof (AP) 1 of 1 accompanied by a hand written letter from the artist describing the artwork. Contact us directly for details.


First Prints (FP) will be numbered 1/50 or 1/10. As with all our artwork the First Print will be manually signed, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and cataloged for security of your investment if you require it. First Prints will be removed from the collection to be sold separately either as the last image sold in a collection or as an investment during the collection’s existence. Like Artist Proofs, First Prints are rarer than the rest of the collection carrying an added value for the investor. The First Print can be printed at all sizes we offer. First Prints will carry an extra investment above the collection’s standard prints because of their rare nature.

Print Finish

Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308 g (Cotton Mate)

Hahnemühle PhotoRag Baryta 315 g (Cotton SemiGloss)

Print Size

20x30 cm 30x45 cm 40x60 cm

Print Edition

Limited Edition Print

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a la Carte


When you are looking for excellence, deeper understanding of your personality, reflection of your inner soul, this engagement requires time to interact and get to know your personality. An image that shows your inner being creates confidence among your audience and is essential for any entrepreneurship project or business purpose you may have. Have an image that will emotionally connect with others to create trust!
An extended session is a curated piece of work. It can include multiple locations, and 100+ photos to choose from. Extended sessions are all about variety (3 to 12 hours), and include a large number of edited photos for you to choose.
Sessions can be held at our professional photography studio or at outside locations of your choice for a small travel fee. Can include quality retouching (even for press), prints or handcrafted albums, upon request.


A mini session is a very short photo session. A normal photo session can include hours of shooting, multiple locations, and 100+ photos to choose from. Minis are all about short times (15-30 min.), a small number of edited photos for you to choose, and a lower price.
Usually for families, the prices are more affordable and can be a fast way to get professional photos for holiday cards, family announcements, or just a few great photos to share with friends.

Get inspired with the work I have done!

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